Being aware of the importance of excellent education and personal coaching, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort as Piano LAB’s artistic director, wants to create an ideal biotope on the unique site of Alden Biesen where promising young pianists can be tailor-made guided and optimally flourish. Based on the expertise of a team of leading international pianists and educators, Piano LAB wants to express the ambition to contribute to the development of a new generation of international top pianistic talent.

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In addition to organising individual piano lessons, Piano LAB also focuses on organising workshops and lectures about various themes which concern young pianists.

In this way Piano LAB can fully focus on what it was founded for: a “piano-laboratory” for young promising pianists of high international level, where development of authentic craftsmanship, unbridled experiment and innovation are stimulated. All this will be organised in an atmosphere of geniality and typical Flemish Limburg hospitality, with plenty of occasions for the exchange of views and ideas in a family and friendly context, meanwhile maintaining the personality of every teacher and student.