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  • The local infrastructure of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen has to be treated with respect. Damage caused by a participant has to be compensated by him or her or by his/her parents
  • It is not allowed to change the décor or to relocate furniture without permission of Piano LAB
  • Because of the historical context, it is not allowed to use nails, thumb nails or tape on beams, walls, doors, windows, panels or floors. Furthermore, paintings and other objects may not be removed, as they are part of the historical context
  • During this 2022 edition, Piano LAB insures all participants and staff against possible accidents on the site of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen, from arrival on July 16 upon departure on July 23, 2022. Piano LAB will not be held responsible for accidents which happened outside of the site, unless they occurred during a transfer under the direct authority of the Piano LAB management. Participants of age may leave the site of the Grand Commandery at their own risk. Minor participants must always be accompanied by at least one adult and therefore have to obtain the explicit consent of the apprenticeship supervisor (as well as the consent of the parent(s) or guardian)
  • Piano LAB will not be held responsible for damage, loss, theft or other devaluation of material, garments or other goods of participants and staff


  • Every participant of Piano LAB 2022 must respect teachers and staff and follow their guidelines. Set times of lessons, rehearsal sessions, workshops and meals must be carefully followed up and respected by the participant
  • The participant adopts an attitude of respect and solidarity towards his/her fellow participants during Piano LAB 2022
  • Should it be the case, then the participant should notify possible irregularities or possible damage to the Piano LAB management as soon as possible
  • Meals will be taken in group and at fixed times, in order to stimulate mutual friendship and a sense of solidarity within the group. However, participants can enjoy their breakfast at varied times in the morning. Times of meals as well a daily and weekly programme will be communicated by a Piano LAB supervisor at the beginning of the week


  • Upon arrival, the participant receives a personal key of his/her bedroom and will return this key upon his/her departure to the apprenticeship supervisor of Piano LAB 2022. Loss of this key will cost the participant €160
  • No furniture or mattress can be moved from one room to another. The maximum capacity per room must be respected at all times
  • Absolute silence is required in all bedrooms between 11pm and 7am. A good night rest is a priority during Piano LAB. Chatting or enjoying a drink is possible in the recreation rooms, taking into account the then current COVID-19 measures
  • It is not allowed to let external persons stay overnight (such as his/her partner) on the site of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen, nor in the own room, nor by booking another room.


  • The participant is committed to keep all indoor and outdoor areas clean at all times
  • When a personal rehearsal session is finished, the rehearsal space should always be left in a tidy way
  • Upon departure, the bedroom should be left in the same good condition as it was upon arrival.


Pets are not allowed during the Piano LAB 2022 piano coaching.


  • In all rooms, it is strictly forbidden to use separate heaters, cooking appliances and candles
  • There is a general smoking ban within the premises of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen. Only participants of age are allowed to smoke at the designated places
  • Possession and consumption of all drugs, narcotics and spirits are prohibited during Piano LAB 2022


  • Piano LAB offers free WIFI to all participants and staff during this 2022 edition. Upon arrival, the participants will receive codes and guidelines regarding the network on the site
  • On the Alden Biesen premises, the use of WIFI is entirely at your own risk.  It is not allowed to consult web pages which incite violence and/or racism or promote illegal purposes


  • On the Alden Biesen premises, there is a driving ban on motorized traffic. Only after permission of Piano LAB, an exception can be made for loading and unloading, or in special circumstances
  • Participants and staff whouse a motorized vehicle to come to Piano LAB – Alden Biesen, have to park their car or other vehicle in the car park opposite the castle (Roelants du Vivierlaan). Bicycles have to be placed in the bike racks.