Piano LAB is an initiative of artistic director Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort in collaboration with the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen and with the support of the Flemish Government.

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The candidate is a promising young classically trained pianist, between 16 and 26 years of age. The candidate is born between 1997 and 2007 (included). An exception to this rule is only slightly negotiable, always in consultation with Piano LAB.

The candidate belongs to one of the following categories: he/she

  • studies piano in a higher grade in part-time art education (DKO)
  • is enrolled in a piano education programme at a conservatory or a music college institution in Belgium or abroad (degree Bachelor, Master, Graduate or Artist Diploma – Master after Master)
  • has graduated but wishes to perfect as a young professional pianist.

or attends a similar course at a private school.


Candidates will be selected on the basis of a submitted file and a digital audiovisual music recording.
Every file will be handled and judged by Piano LAB’s artistic committee. This judgment is final.
The number of participants in this Piano LAB coaching week is limited to 20 (twenty). The moment of registration could be decisive when there would me be more suitable candidates than available places.
The artistic committee will contact the next candidate on the waiting list in case that a selected candidate would cancel his or her registration.
The registration file will only be made available online via the website of Piano LAB, to every candidate-participant who registers via the website in advance. All required documents and files must be separately downloaded via the website. The registration will be complete when the candidate has filled in all required fields in the online file, has downloaded the required documents and photo/video files, has officially submitted the file, has wired the registration fee and has received a confirmation mail from Piano LAB.
Applications for Piano LAB 2023 have to be submitted online and are effective after paying the 40 EUR registration fee. Only effectively selected candidates are invited to validate their registration for Piano LAB by paying the full amount through bank transfer. (see Article 6.2.)
The registration file is permanently accessible to the candidate through his or her personal account. As long as the file is not submitted, it is possible to modify it. After submitting the file, modifications are no longer possible. However, the candidate can always consult his/her file.


Submitting candidacy

The participant will be requested to fill in a personal online file. Apart from the necessary personal details, at first only the information necessary to be able to assess the candidate’s artistic qualities will be required.
In addition, the candidate must upload an audiovisual music recording which consists of 3 separate parts and files:

  • a fast etude of your choice
  • a fast movement from a classical sonata of Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert
  • a work of your choice

Finally, the candidate has to upload the following files and documents:

  • a digital photo in high resolution
  • a scan of his/her passport (and passport of the parent/guardian of an underage candidate)
  • a permission letter of the parent(s) for underage candidates
  • a musical résumé (in English, Dutch or French)
  • an overview of all repertoire played between 2020-2023
  • a list of repertoire to be played during Piano LAB 2023

Candidacy decision

The participant receives an email to confirm the decision regarding his/her selection for Piano LAB. If the participant is invited, the following regulations will apply.
The selected participant will be requested to provide additional information in his/her personal online account, more specifically in the registration file regarding his/her stay during Piano LAB. The registration file focuses on important information that Piano LAB should know about, such as the participant’s medical background, possible food allergies or preferences, preferred accommodation (single/double), personal hobbies, trivia.
3.6. The selected participant will be requested to pay the registration fee through bank transfer, within a payment term of 10 days. If payment is not received within the specified period, the selection for Piano LAB can be cancelled and passed on to another candidate on the waiting list.


Selection process

  • 10 February                  Start of registration
  • 30 April                         Final date of registration
  • 14 May                         Announcement of Piano LAB 2023 participants
  • 24 May                         Final date of registration fee payment and online file completion

Piano LAB 2023

  • 15 July                          Start of piano coaching week, arrival, meet and greet, dinner, concert
  • 16-21 July                    6 days of piano lessons, personal practice sessions, workshops, recreation, excursion
  • 22 July                          End of piano coaching week : check out, breakfast, closing concert, departure


Piano LAB
Grand Commandery Alden Biesen
Kasteelstraat 6
3740 Bilzen

The selected participant is responsible for the organisation and booking of his/her own trip to Grand Commandery Alden Biesen.
Upon simple request, the participant who does not travel to Alden Biesen by car, can be picked up at the nearest train station of Bilzen.


Applications for Piano LAB 2023 are effective after paying the 40 EUR registration fee.

The tuition fee for the 20 selected participants of Piano LAB 2023 is 895,00 EUR.

6.2.1. This fee includes the following :

  • Daily class (min. 1 hour) on a grand piano
  • Comfortable study facilities: a qualitative instrument in a pleasant environment
  • All meals and catering services : dinner upon arrival day, 3 meals per day during all 6 piano lesson days, breakfast on the day of departure, fruit snacks in between
  • Accommodation in a clean and comfortable double room with sanitary facilities (shower, sink, toilet)
  • A selection of sports and recreation facilities on the site
  • At least two workshops/lectures
  • Excursion
  • A personal insurance for every participant

6.2.2. This fee does not include:

  • The registration fee of 40 EUR (see 6.1.)
  • Personal transport expenses for travelling to Alden Biesen
  • VISA related expenses. Upon simple request, Piano LAB can provide an invitation letter if necessary
  • Personal expenses during the piano coaching week

Selected participants pay Piano LAB the amount of 895 EUR – plus any single room supplement – though bank transfer, by 24 May the latest. Possible costs related to this transfer will be by the candidate. Bank details will be communicated in due time to the participant.

6.4. The registration fee is non-refundable, as it also includes an administration fee and the monitoring of each applicant’s registration file. The tuition fee is non-refundable as well. However, in case of force majeure, Piano LAB can reconsider this rule and reimburse a part of the tuition fee.


7.1. Submitting a registration for Piano LAB implies accepting the regulations without any restriction.

7.2. Accepting the invitation and paying the registration fee implies the participant’s (and/or his/her parent(s)/guardian) acceptance of the house rules, which can be consulted HERE.

7.3. Piano LAB is committed to carry out into detail its programme as presented on the website. However, changes due to force majeure are always possible and can never lead to a (partial) restitution of the registration fee.

7.4. For all participants, Piano LAB provides an insurance against accidental bodily injury on the site of the Land Commandery Alden Biesen. Deliberate physical or material damage caused by the participant is not covered by this insurance and those costs will be recovered from the person causing the damage.

7.5. Piano LAB can under no circumstances be held responsible for loss or theft of goods.

7.6. Piano LAB encourages every participant to consult his/her personal insurance regarding the trip, especially regarding medical insurance for his/her stay in Belgium.

7.7. During the entire duration of the piano coaching week (from arrival to departure of the participant), Piano LAB reserves the right to (let) collect photo and video material from the event. Upon registration, the candidate automatically agrees that this material is used, collected and published through various publications (online and printed communication) for the promotion of Piano LAB.

7.8. Piano LAB may reserve its right to organize a public ‘open day’, during which all piano lessons can be attended by visitors. All participants will be informed regarding this open day in due time. Participants who have not been selected for Piano LAB 2023, will have the opportunity to attain this open day, free of charge.

7.9. When a candidate submits the registration file, he or she will renounce the rights, compensations or other claims regarding the photos, the audio and/or video recordings which have been created or broadcasted by order of Piano LAB. Piano LAB provides no compensation for participants during the closing concert on 22 July 2023.

7.10. Each participant will receive a certificate confirming participation in the Piano LAB coaching week.